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Online PDI Competition No. 6

As a means of introducing variety to our online competitions, it was decided this time to set our members the challenge of submitting up to five entries, each of which had to be a two-in-one diptych image displaying an original image as shot by the camera along with the edited final image after any processing.

On this occasion, thirty-six images were submitted by eight club members covering a very wide range of subjects as can be appreciated from the slide show on our home page. As before, we decided upon the democratic approach in which all club members were invited to act as judge and jury by recording what they think about each image and to give a mark to each one between ten and twenty. (Their own entries had to be marked with a zero).

For the full report click HERE. To download the competition scores click on the red button


The Top 15 Online PDI Competition 6 Entries


Featured Photographer David Nicholls


Hi Everyone,

It is with much regret that I bring you news that, in light of the present health scare, all meetings and activities of the club are immediately suspended until further notice. Your committee have given this serious thought and feel this decision will be in the interests of all members and especially those over the age of 70.

We will obviously monitor the situation carefully and follow government advice, but hopefully we will receive an all-clear in a few months time and life can return to normal.

Meanwhile, perhaps this might give us time to search through hard drives, old negatives and colour slides for undiscovered photographic masterpieces !!

Best wishes,

Tony Storey


Online PDI Competition 7

Hi All

As promised you will find attached a document giving the scores from our sixth Online Competition.

We hope that you got involved and that you enjoyed the opportunity to act as Judge and Jury on your fellow members’ work and found that the format and processes of the competition were easy to understand and to use.

We are still very keen to hear suggestions from you about how we could improve the competition format or procedures.

Our current plan is to start accepting entries for Online Competition 7 in 2 weeks’ time on Saturday 3rd October but this time reverting back to an ‘Open’ competition for members to judge.

We are also looking forward to Online Competition 8 for which, following suggestions from a number of members, we are planning to engage a professional judge for a further ‘Open’ competition.

To this end, and in particular with your thoughts on the suggested future competition plans outlined above, we are asking you to fill out a feedback document which can be accessed via the following link:-

Feedback access -

This is just a free format box where you can give us your thoughts and ideas – the entry of your name is optional so if you wish to be very critical (or nauseatingly complimentary) you can do that anonymously! We would also welcome some ideas for future competition themes or, if you would prefer, the “open” competition option.

I will shortly be updating the website with a short report, download access to the scores and a slideshow of the top 15 of the competition entries.

Thanks again for your interest and participation in this project – in particular we were very pleased that your use of the comments function in the “Gallery” module proved to be so popular.

Kind Regards


Your chance to meet some of our members both experienced and novice. This time we meet David Nicholls our Club President who joined the club in 2003.

Following 22 years in the R.A.F. he started an interesting and varied career as a professional photographer working as a freelancer, for a Local Authority and as a staff photographer for a local newspaper.

To read an interview with David and look at his images. CLICK HERE

George Abel

"Selsey Life" in 1982/83

Danny Glew, a former leading member of the club’s committee, has made available to the club a collection of 170 colour transparencies that he discovered recently during a spring-clean of his home in Cornwall. The slides were taken in and around Selsey during 1982 and 1983 and were part of a club iniative to capture various aspects of Selsey life.

His wish was to make these images more widely available to club members and to the wider community and asked us for help to produce a digital copy of the collection.

This collection has now been scanned, tidied and uploaded to the club's Flickr website and can be viewed by clicking the red button below. Apologies for the interruptions in viewing by adverts which are a "feature" of the free version of Flickr.

I hope a view of "Selsey Life" from over 37 years ago will be of interest


SCPF Print and PDI Leagues

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