• Abel and Peter Clark Trophies - Panel Competitions

    Seventeen members gathered together on the 23rd January for our annual panel competition. For the fourteen members who entered their work, (forty two PDI panels and eleven sets of prints), the object was to submit panels of three pictures that together either portray a story or have an obvious connection. By the end of the evening there were to be two overall winners, with the traditional Abel Trophy going to the print winner and the newer Peter Clark Trophy to the winner of the digital section.

    Following the usual welcome and club notices from the chairman, the evening got underway with the eleven print panels. Making a welcome return to our club was Tim West FRPS, our judge for the evening. As each set of prints was placed into the light box by Debbie Platt, Tim commented constructively on the technical , compositional and story-telling aspects of each picture and, where necessary, he gave helpful advice on improving the coherence and layout of each panel.

    The marking given by Tim was out of five for each individual picture, plus a mark out of five for the overall integrity of the panel, giving a total mark out of twenty. By the end of the first half, two panels had been held back for further consideration by Tim: "THE BLUEBELL WOODS" by Lynne Owen, and "DANDELION" by Dave Johnson. Of these, Tim awarded a total of 18 marks to Lynne's print panel and a maximum 20 marks to Dave Johnson's work. Therefore Dave was congratulated for being the winner, (and eventual recipient holder of), the Abel Trophy.

    Following an interval for tea or coffee, (organised by Louise Satturley and Debbie Platt), and our fortnightly raffle, (organised by Bob Hoare), we moved on to a most interesting display of the PDI entries. Once again, Tim made some very well considered comments on each of the forty two panels, often emphasising the importance of a panel's overall harmony and the continuity of its three images - sometimes asking the question, "Does it work as a panel?" Focusing upon the positive qualities as well as constructive criticism, Tim provided much helpful feedback to the contributing members.

    The digital part of the competition certainly proved challenging for our judge. Perhaps due to the good standard of entries, eight panels were held back for further consideration by Tim. However, as the evening drew to a close, six panels had each been awarded nineteen marks and the following two panels each received twenty marks: "ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR" by Jeff Owen, and "TIME FOR TEA" by Jim Sheridan. After a pause for further thought and reflection, Tim announced that the Peter Clark Trophy should go to Jim Sheridan for his panel depicting a very delightful and traditional tea time scene.

    Warmest congratulations therefore to our worthy winners, Dave Johnson and Jim Sheridan, our grateful thanks to our judge Tim West and well done to all the members whose pictures contributed to a most interesting evening.