• Annual General Meeting

    Just thirteen members gathered in St Wilfrid's Church Hall on Monday 24th June for the club's Annual General Meeting.

    Opening the meeting, the Chairman welcomed everyone and paid tribute to the committee members who had worked hard throughout the past season to ensure that everything ran smoothly and successfully. Wearing his competition secretary's hat, he went on to report that the number of competition entries was slightly down on last season by 2% whereas the number of members participating over all the competitions was exactly the same as that for 2017/18.

    Programme Secretary, Joan Taylor, reviewed all the various events that had taken place over the past season, including competitions, talks, workshops, outdoor shoots, SCPF and inter-club competitions. She then outlined the programme planned for the coming season including a similar range of events.

    This was followed by Andrew Kendon's treasurer’s report and the acceptance of the 2018/19 audited balance sheet together with approval of the appointment of our auditor for 2019/20 - Paul Robinson. Due to a fall in revenue over the past year, he reported that the committee had approved a rise in members' subscription rates, as follows: The adult rate will rise from £30 to £35, and the family rate will rise from £45 to £55. The rates for under 18-year olds and casual visitors will remain the same at £10 and £2 respectively.

    The existing committee members were then re-elected unopposed. However, the Chairman announced that he wished to stand down as competition secretary and also as the club’s general secretary. He stressed that if nobody was willing to take over these roles, he would be willing to continue for just one more year but hoped successors would eventually make themselves known and work with him through the coming season before fully taking over in 2020/21.

    The Chairman then asked all members present to choose their favourite theme, of the six recently short listed by the committee, for next season's set subject competition. Following a show of hands, "Patterns and Textures" was the overwhelming favourite.

    There followed a presentation and discussion led by Pony Moore about his proposed changes to the way the club’s competitions are organised. He explained that he is greatly in favour of a league system whereby members accumulate points over a number of competitions, which a number of other clubs follow, including his previous club at Alton. This proposal raised a number of concerns and questions from the members present and it was therefore decided to convene a small working party to examine the benefits as well as how this system could be put into practice at this club, and report back to members by Christmas.

    Another discussion, led by Joan Taylor, explored the idea of meeting the cost of a very occasional, expensive and high-ranking speaker by imposing a surcharge on club members and also charging visiting members from other local clubs. On the whole, this was felt reasonable up to a voluntary contribution of £5 per member and Joan said she would follow this up whilst planning future club events.

    Following a brief discussion about the value of practical sessions and photo shoots in attracting new members, the AGM concluded with the Chairman reminding everyone about the following important club dates:

    • Presentation Dinner (Monday 15th July)

    • Summer Exhibition (24th to 26th August)

    • Welcome Evening on Monday 2nd Sept when we’ll welcome Ken Scott who will give an illustrated talk about his recent walk around Britain.

    After the interval, the annual Photo Board Competition was held.

    Prior to the AGM. members had been invited to submit entries for this competition, comprising of a panel of any number of prints displayed on a sheet of A1 size board.

    On the day, eleven boards were on display, covering a variety of interesting themes and subjects, and members were invited to view and vote for their favourites. Following the count, two boards tied for first place as follows: “PICK OF THE BUNCH” by Andrew Kendon, and “GRECIAN CRUISE” by Jacqueline Mitchell. Rather than imposing a run-off vote, it was agreed that the fairest outcome would be for Andrew and Jacqueline to share the club’s shield would be shared by the two winners for six months each.