• Eileen Savill Trophy - Open Print Competition

    The seventeen members attending St Wilfrid's Church Hall on the 20th February were treated to a varied display of fifty two interesting prints entered by eleven of our members for this annual open print competition. The trophy for this event was acquired by the club in memory of Eileen Savill, a much-loved club member, who sadly passed away in 2010.

    Following notices from the chairman, the evening got underway with a warm welcome extended to John Bradshaw from Chichester Camera Club - our judge for this competition. As each print was placed within the light box by Margaret Cooper, John drew upon his considerable photographic experience to comment on the good features of each picture as well as aspects that could have been improved upon, including the exposure, focus and especially the composition through the use of careful cropping.

    Great emphasis was also placed by John upon the importance of not enlarging prints beyond the quality and capacity of the original image. He also explained that we should be aware of chromatic aberration, where the camera lens is unable to focus all the colours to the same focal plane which can result in different colours bleeding from the edges of subjects within the picture. However, there are various corrective tools available in software packages such a Lightroom and Photoshop.

    Following such helpful feedback, John awarded each print with the customary mark out of twenty. However, in the case of eleven pictures, this was deferred until John had seen all fifty two, thereby allowing him a little more time to consider the individual merits of those particular prints. By the end, each of these eleven had been awarded eighteen marks or more out of twenty, thereby qualifying those photographers with certificates of merit.

    Of these, one was awarded eighteen marks, seven received nineteen and three prints received the maximum twenty marks, as follows:

    "THE POSTER ON THE END OF THE PIER" and "MYSTERIOUS" both taken by Lynne Owen, and "IT'S MINE ... ALL MINE" by Bob Hoare.

    However, there could be only one overall winner, and of these three, John chose Bob Hoare's delightful picture of his granddaughter tucking into a delicious looking sundae dish - thus making Bob the eventual recipient of this season's Eileen Savill Trophy.

    This most interesting session concluded with a vote of thanks from the chairman for John Bradshaw for his helpful comments and incisive judging. Warm congratulations were also extended to Bob Hoare for his winning print and grateful thanks to Margaret Cooper for managing the light box throughout the evening.