• Inter-Club Competiton - Selsey Vs Hayling Island

    A good crowd of members from both clubs gathered together in St Wilfrid's Church Hall on the 3rd April for this annual event. We were also joined by Jon Mitchell, from Gosport Camera Club, our judge for the evening.

    The first part of the competition involved the judging of twelve projected digital images from each club. Jon considered each one carefully, giving constructive criticism plus a mark out of twenty. The majority received fifteen to eighteen marks and four of the Hayling images did particularly well with two scoring nineteen and two gaining the maximum twenty marks.

    However, before we got to that stage, there developed a slight hiccup with the competition software on our club laptop which brought the show to an unexpected halt and an early tea interval for the problem to be investigated and resolved by Dick Read with advice from Jeff Owen.

    In the mean time we enjoyed the refreshments provided and prepared by Louise Satturley, (especially her delicious lemon drizzle cake !!) and caught up with our friends from Hayling Camera Club while we waited for Bob Hoare to call the prize numbers for the fortnightly raffle organised, as always so well, by Beryl James.

    Once the PDIs had been reloaded onto a different branch of the competition software, the second half began with the remaining images being projected along with Jon's well considered comments. In doing so, Jon touched upon features such as light, texture, composition and occasionally recommended the careful use of vignetting to improve a picture.

    Once the two dozen PDIs had been seen and judged, including the four high scoring Hayling images that had been held back and finally marked, the half way scores stood at 207 to Hayling and 192 to Selsey. There followed a swift changeover to enable the prints to be placed by Dick Read alternately in the light box for all to see, and for Jon Mitchell to comment upon and judge.

    Once again, very helpful feedback was given by Jon and high marks awarded, including a nineteen and twenty to both clubs. By the end of the second half, the print totals stood at 205 to Hayling and 208 to Selsey. However, once the PDI totals were added on, Selsey's grand total was 400 whereas Hayling's stood at 412, thereby making Hayling Island Camera Club the overall winner.

    The evening rounded off with the chairman of each club, (Tony Storey and Philip Acland), expressing their thanks to Jon Mitchell for his wise judging, to all the contributing photographers and to Louise Satturley for organising the half time refreshments.

    Thus concluded another very successful joint meeting in which we certainly enjoyed the sight of forty eight great pictures.