• It's a Knockout - 12th December

    In the final meeting of 2016, we gathered together this week for our traditional pre-Christmas "It's a Knockout" event.

    This is a competition in which members' prints are judged - two at a time - by a show of hands from everybody in the audience. The winner of each pair passes through to the next round and the loser (as the competition name implies) suffers a " Knockout ". Following successive rounds, the last print standing by the end of the evening is traditionally declared the winner, gaining a bottle of wine for the member concerned.

    Twelve members brought in up to six prints each at the start of the evening, and these were sorted by Dick Read to ensure that two pictures by the same member weren't displayed together when placed in the lightbox by Margaret Cooper.

    The first two rounds of the competition took nearly forty minutes to complete, after which we were more than ready for the half time break and a welcome "cuppa" and mince pie kindly provided and served by Debbie Platt and Louise Satturley. This was closely followed by our fortnightly raffle organised by Beryl James and Bob Hoare.

    It was most interesting to view each pair of pictures, but as the evening wore on, it became increasingly difficult to choose a favourite. However, by the end of the evening we were left choosing between "BRIGHTON BREEZY BIRDS" by Lynne Owen and "THE STORM" by Louise Satturley. After a few moments of careful consideration, hands went up and were counted for each picture, and amazingly we finished with a dead heat with each print receiving ten votes. Thus, for the first time that anyone could remember, we had two winners !

    This most enjoyable evening concluded with a warm round of applause for Lynne and Louise and the presentation by the Chairman of a bottle of wine to each of them.