• John Sayers Landscape Cup

    Although only sixteen members attended this week's meeting, we certainly enjoyed the sight of seventy two fascinating landscape images submitted by fifteen fellow club members, many of whom entered the maximum of five PDIs each.

    We welcomed our judge for the evening Jon Mitchell from Gosport Camera Club, who gave his expert opinion on each of PDIs taking part in this popular annual competition.

    Following a preview of all the images, each one was brought up on the screen for us all to see and for Jon to comment upon and give a mark out of twenty. As always, it is fascinating to view the work of fellow club photographers, and I believe we all learnt a great deal from hearing Jon's interesting and helpful feedback.

    Jon drew our attention to the impact that contrast and colouration can have on the quality of a landscape scene as well as the importance of "Clear Ways" into a picture and taking the viewer's eye into it rather than out of it. Jon also suggested cropping out areas of a picture that don't greatly contribute to its overall quality. As a keen landscape photographer himself, Jon recommended the start and end of the day for the best lighting conditions.

    By the end of the evening, eleven pictures had been awarded eighteen marks or more as follows:

    With eighteen marks, the following qualify for a bronze certificate of merit:

    A PRIVATE SPOT by Bob Hoare

    MEDMERRY ROCKS AT DUSK by Steve Newman

    SUNSET by David Richardson

    RED SKY AT NIGHT by Graham Ainge

    With nineteen marks, the following qualify for a silver certificate of merit:

    GARTH PIER by Dick Read

    TARMAC SITE by Steve Newman

    WHITE WATER by Dave Johnson

    RECYCLING by Dave Johnson

    With twenty marks, the following qualify for a gold certificate of merit:


    THE VASTNESS OF THE MOUNTAIN by Louise Satturley

    DONE FOR THE DAY by Dave Johnson

    After further careful consideration, Jon announced that the overall winner, and eventual recipient of the John Sayers Landscape Cup, should be Dave Johnson for his very well composed picture of two fishing boats seen from a river bank and entitled "Done for the Day". Our warmest congratulations to Dave.

    The evening concluded with a sincere vote of thanks to Jon Mitchell from the Club Chairman along with thanks also to all the contributing members for giving us a most a most interesting evening.