• Members’ Table Top and Outdoor Shoots

    Our members have recently had opportunities to apply their photographic skills within two very contrasting environments.

    Firstly, on the 28th October, we were greeted in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall with a vast array of random, small and medium sized objects, set out on the tops of tables arranged around the hall for us to photograph, using various lighting and magnification devices. This had all been organised and provided by committee member Dave Johnson, who is recognised by us all as the club’s past master of small-scale creative photography.

    Throughout the evening we moved around with our cameras, working experimentally with the various objects, either as we found them or rearranging them, trying different lighting effects and changing the settings on our cameras to create the most effective images. The subjects of our pictures included natural objects such as small plants, sycamore seeds, shells and feathers to small model people, marbles and even a set of kitchen knives. As we worked, Dave circulated to offer advice and to show how the objects could be manipulated in combination with different lighting effects to give some pleasing photographic results.

    One week later, on the 4th November, there was a very different photographic opportunity available for members when we met for our annual late afternoon and evening shoot, which this year was held in the city centre of Winchester. Those of us taking part arrived by car at around 3.30 pm to begin a photographic search of the area. There was certainly much to explore, starting at the bridge over the old mill stream, passing the statue of King Alfred followed by the Guildhall, then up through the pedestrianised high street to the ancient 11th century cathedral.

    This magnificent structure was certainly one of the main highlights of our visit with its stunning architecture. With very few visitors that afternoon, we were treated to some uninterrupted views up the extremely long nave, through the choir towards the highly decorated main altar. There was certainly much to photograph as we wandered around, including colourful stained glass windows, magnificent ceilings, ornate stonework and ancient statues, all showing up well with a good mix of natural and artificial lighting. There were also some good architectural shots to be taken around the outside of the cathedral with the spotlights switched on and a dark blue early evening sky overhead.

    Yet another week later, on the 11th November, we gathered once again in St Wilfrid’s Church Hall to enjoy seeing a selection of images taken by various members during the two club shoots. As will be seen in the accompanying slide show, between us all, we took an extremely varied yet interestingly satisfying set of pictures.