• Online PDI Competition No.1

    Following the decision to suspend club meetings in light of the current corona virus epidemic, it was decided to look into ways of keeping members involved with photography and the club using the internet. The committee thought online competitions might be the way forward and as a result, members Marc Read and Craig Mehra worked together to develop a suitable platform using Google Photos to enable members’ images to be shared, commented upon and marked by fellow club members.

    On this first open occasion, fifty-five images were submitted by twelve club members covering a very wide range of subjects as can be appreciated from the slide show on our home page. In a change from our usual club competitions, when we invite an accredited judge to comment and mark members’ pictures, we decided upon a more democratic approach for online competitions in which all club members would be invited to act as judge and jury by recording what they think about each image and to give a mark to each one between ten and twenty. (Their own entries had to be marked with a zero).

    Following the competition deadline, the marks were averaged for each image resulting in three images tying for third place on 17.42 points as follows:

    DOUBLE TULIP by Dave Johnson

    NOT ISOLATING and POPLAR HAWK MOTH both by Dick Read.

    In second place with an average of 17.50 came:

    MY FRIENDLY GARDEN ROBIN by David Richardson.

    And in first place with an average score of 17.83 came:

    LOCO CREW by Tony Storey.

    Congratulations to all the members who entered images and participated in this first online competition. I felt the overall standard of entry was very impressive and it was certainly a pleasure viewing them all. As you know, we would love to hear from anyone with ideas and suggestions for future versions of this competition.