• Outdoor Shoot in Brighton

    Ten club members took part in our autumn outdoor shoot on the 5th November, which this year took us to Brighton. In order to avoid difficulties with driving and parking, it was decided to hire the Selsey Shuttle minibus, and in this way we all travelled together driven by company driver Mike.

    In the late afternoon we were dropped off near the new i360 Tower and then largely went our separate ways on foot to explore the sea front and town centre for photographic opportunities. Fortunately the weather was fine that afternoon and we were blessed with a lovely sunset between 4.00 pm and 4.30 pm which many of us chose as a backdrop for photos of the rusting remains of the old West Pier and the great murmurations of starlings swirling through the sky prior to roosting for the night.

    There was certainly much to attract the keen photographic eyes of our members along the sea front including the i360 Tower, the angel of peace statue, beach huts, the ornate ironwork of the Victorian seafront shelters, various art installations and, of course, the brightly lit Palace Pier, which unfortunately closed rather early at 6.00 pm. Several members also headed into the town to explore the Lanes, the Royal Pavilion, street vendors and various examples of street art.

    As this was Guy Fawkes Night, we were also treated to some spontaneous firework displays to photograph before making our way to the agreed picking-up point at 8.00 pm for the journey back to Selsey. All in all this was a most enjoyable excursion made more satisfying by the good images saved on our cameras.

    A week later we met for a normal club night at St Wilfrid's Church Hall when we had an opportunity to view selections of the pictures and videos taken by eight of the members in the shoot. As always, this proved most interesting, for although we had all visited roughly the same areas in Brighton, in addition to a number of commonly seen subjects, we certainly spotted some very different things to photograph.

    With so much lit up, and of course the fine weather, Brighton certainly proved to be an excellent venue for a late afternoon / early evening shoot. Now our thoughts are racing ahead to possible destinations for next year's event.