• Paul Ubsdell Wildlife Trophy

    Our annual wildlife competition this week provided those present with a great show of digital images - fifty five in total submitted by eleven members. They depicted a wide variety of subjects including birds, mammals, insects and plants as well as a number featuring big cats !

    A warm welcome was extended to our judge for the evening, Roy Budden erstwhile of Petersfield Photographic Society and shortly to join Woolston Camera Club after his recent move to Southampton. Following the usual preview, each image was displayed for Roy to comment upon and give a mark out of twenty. Throughout the course of the evening some helpful feedback was given by Roy, including some suggestions aimed at helping members to improve the composition and overall quality and of their wildlife pictures.

    For example, the importance of showing a creature being active rather than static, (eg feeding, hunting etc); how a strong vertical line on the right hand side of an image can encourage the viewer's eye, naturally scanning from left to right, to be brought back into the centre of the picture; avoiding black backgrounds in wildlife photography and making every effort to show all six legs when photographing insects !

    By the end of the evening nine images had been awarded high marks, thus gaining certificates of merit for those members.

    Of those, the following six received eighteen marks:

    MOUNTAIN BACKDROP by Richard Clarke-Adams

    SNATCHING A BITE by Martin Thomas

    FIVE BAR SWORDTAIL by Graham Ainge


    EGG LAYING by Dave Johnson

    STARLING by John Jeyes

    These two gained nineteen marks:

    COMING THROUGH by Bob Hoare

    FLEDGLING ROBIN by Dick Read

    Finally, Roy announced that the evening's overall winner would be:

    ARCTIC TERN by Graham Ainge

    The evening concluded with club chairman Tony Storey offering a vote of thanks to Roy Budden, to the evening's winning member, Graham Ainge, and to all the members who had contributed their work for what had been another interesting club night.