• Paul Ubsdell Wildlife Trophy

    Our annual wildlife competition this week provided the nineteen members and visitors present with a great show of digital images – fifty-three in total submitted by thirteen members. They depicted a wide variety of subjects including birds, mammals, trees and flowers as well as several featuring butterflies.

    A warm welcome was extended to our judge for the evening, Rob de Ruiter ARPS from Bognor Regis Camera Club. Following the usual preview, each image was displayed for Rob to comment upon and give a mark out of twenty. Throughout the course of the evening some very helpfully constructive feedback was given by Rob, including suggestions aimed at helping members to improve the composition and overall quality of their wildlife pictures.

    For example, Rob emphasised the importance of achieving an appropriate depth of field and correct exposure for wildlife pictures. He also drew attention to the problem of over exposed backgrounds taking the eye away from the image’s main subject, and also over-pixelated areas of an image caused by digital over sharpening. In addition, Rob gave some very helpful tips with regard to wildlife photography including the use of the continuous shooting mode when photographing a rapidly moving subject in order to achieve the single image that captures the very best moment.

    By the end of the evening ten images had been awarded high marks, thus gaining certificates of merit for those members.

    Of those, the following five received eighteen marks:

    FISH SUPPER by Dick Read

    WILD LITTLE BEE-EATER by David Richardson

    MOTHER AND DAUGHTER by David Richardson

    SWAN FAMILY STROLL by Tony Storey


    Three gained nineteen marks:

    CORMORANT PORTRAIT by Dave Johnson

    ON THE WAY UP by Dave Johnson

    I’M HERE MUM ! … DOWN HERE by Bob Hoare

    Two gained the maximum twenty marks:


    TAKE OFF by Pony Moore LRPS

    Of these two, Rob announced that the evening's overall winner would be Pony's very dramatic action shot that captured the very moment of a bird taking off into flight.

    The evening concluded with club chairman Tony Storey offering his thanks to Rob de Ruiter, to the evening's overall winner, Pony Moore, and to all the members who had contributed a fascinating collection of images on what had been another successful club night.