• Photo Editing Software Presentation

    When we met together on the 29th October, we were delighted to welcome member and former club chairman Tony Tomlinson, who had agreed to share his expertise with editing software systems. As an experienced professional photographer, Tony has a long experience of developing and manipulating images within numerous versions of well known software, and the fifteen members present certainly followed his presentation with great interest.

    During the first half, Tony showed us and demonstrated a number of adjustment tools to be found within Lightroom CC. In addition to the development sliders for adjusting a picture's exposure, saturation, temperature, contrast, and clarity, Tony showed us how the adjustment brush and graduated filter can be used to create significant changes within an image. Fortunately we were all able to appreciate these features with Tony's laptop plugged into the club's projector and the image appearing on the big screen.

    Following the interval, Tony demonstrated many features of a relatively new software package entitled "On1 Photo RAW". This was certainly new to the vast majority of members present, and by the end of the evening, many of us were seriously considering changing to it from existing systems such as Adobe's Lightroom and Photoshop. A convincing factor was that Tony was able to show us how On1 can do virtually everything that can be achieved within the Adobe software. He explained that this package can be bought outright for around £100 as opposed to the annual hire charge necessary for the Adobe packages. Apparently there are also numerous video support packages available on YouTube to guide and assist new users.

    Following numerous questions, the session drew to a close with the chairman thanking Tony for what had been a most interesting and instructive presentation.