• Photobook Talk by Roger Crocombe ARPS

    The fifteen members and visitors attending St Wilfrid’s on Monday 30th September were treated to a most fascinating talk by Roger Crocombe about his techniques for producing photobooks together with some extremely useful information about photo printing service made available to local camera clubs by the University of Chichester.

    However, before the meeting proper got underway, we welcomed Ronelle, the winner of our Summer Exhibition raffle, who was presented with the print she had chosen, "Unique as a Fingerprint" by the picture’s photographer David Richardson.

    The Chairman opened the main proceedings by extending a very warm welcome to Roger Crocombe from Bognor Camera Club, and following a few announcements, handed over to Roger who began by explaining his background in photography and his particular interest in developing photobooks.

    He particularly recommended the 20 page - 10” X 8” format as ideal for quality photobooks and went on to show how he uses the book module in Lightroom to carefully view and select his final images for a book. Using the Blurb software within Lightroom, Roger explained how images can be made to fit within a chosen template, and the importance of keeping to the chosen template in order to provide visual coherence through the pages of a book. Evidently this package requires a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch to achieve good quality images within the final book.

    Once the auto-fill feature has produced an on-screen version of the book, Roger stressed the importance of thoroughly checking it in terms of picture quality, layout, the placing and spelling of text etc. Also, to make absolutely sure that everything is as it should be, Roger explained that the system can produce a pdf from which a hard copy can be made. During the interval, members of the audience were invited to inspect examples of photobooks Roger had brought along and to discuss them with him.

    Following time for a hot drink and chat followed by the fortnightly raffle, Roger spent the final part of the evening explaining the benefits of the photo printing service now on offer at either Chichester or Bognor departments of the university. He explained that this is a relatively new service on offer to external customers, such as camera club members, providing good quality prints for a very reasonable price. To demonstrate this, Roger passed around examples of such prints made on various quality papers, and explained that his Bognor colleague, judge Rob de Ruiter, in a blind test, had been unable to tell the difference between university produced prints and Roger’s own high-quality products.

    Following questions from the audience, this most interesting evening concluded with thanks extended to Roger from the club Chairman and a hearty round of applause from the club members and visitors.