• SCPF Print League Judging Night

    Fifteen club members along with two members from Woolston Camera Club attended the third judging round of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation’s Division 6 print league. In this, our eight chosen prints competed for the third time against those of the Woolston and Dorset Light clubs. (Previous judging sessions had been held in those clubs).

    The evening began with a warm welcome extended to Paul O’Toole, our judge for the evening, and got underway with each of the prints being placed into the lightbox by Andrew Kendon, followed by constructive criticism by Paul. Over the course of the session, Paul commented upon aspects such as a picture’s composition, along with its sharpness, lighting and colour saturation. Where applicable, Paul also approved of leading lines taking the observer’s eye to the subject of a picture, and in the case of a picture featuring water, he looked for contrast and structure within that part of the picture rather than an over exposed, washed out area.

    In addition to his comments, Paul also awarded a mark out of ten to each print, although in the case of seven prints, this was held back until later in the meeting in order to give Paul a little more time to consider. However, once completed, refreshments were served while the marks were hurriedly totalled for each club giving the following outcome:

    Dorset Light Camera Club - 71½ Marks

    Selsey Camera Club - 71½ Marks

    Woolston Camera Club - 69½ Marks

    In order to differentiate between the two top scoring clubs, the number of prints scoring the maximum ten marks was taken into account, and with the Dorset club having two top scoring prints, and our club having just one, this put the former club in first place for the evening with ourselves in second place and Woolston in third place. However, I am pleased to report that the overall position, following judging sessions in all three clubs, is that our club has finished top of its division !

    Once the results had been announced after the interval, an informal critiquing session was held in which members were invited in turn to present one of their own prints within the lightbox and seek the opinions and suggestions for improvement from those present, including Paul O’Toole. Eight members participated in turn, each explaining what they were trying to achieve with the print on display, seeking advice and listening to comments from fellow members. With a good number of members taking an active part, it is hoped that this session proved very helpful for those showing prints.