• Selsey Camera Club Trophy

    Eighteen members and visitors met together on the 15th October for this season's monochrome print competition in which forty eight prints had been entered by twelve members.

    We began by giving a warm welcome to our judge for the evening, Peter Rocchiccioli ARPS from Chichester Camera Club and current president of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation. As the prints had been displayed in order along tables at the side of the hall, Peter was able to enjoy a thorough preview of the work before the meeting began.

    We started the competition soon after 7.30 pm with the prints being placed one at a time in the light box by Margaret Cooper. Peter examined each print very closely, giving very helpful feedback to each contributing photographer in the form of constructive criticism. Over the course of the evening he commented on many aspects, particularly giving credit to a picture's composition and technical qualities.

    Peter also drew attention to the importance of cropping - "going in tight" - to give emphasis to the subject of a picture. He also warned that distracting highlights sometimes need to be darkened such as those seen in skies or water, and advised us to check thoroughly around a picture's edges for blemishes or distractions. We were also reminded of the importance of a picture's story-telling qualities and that, "What you leave out of a picture is as important as what you leave in".

    A mark out of twenty was also awarded by Peter in respect of each print, though in the case of six pictures, the marking was held back until later in the meeting.

    We took a break for a refreshing cup of tea mid way through the evening, and the winning numbers of our fortnightly raffle, so expertly organised once again by Beryl James, were called at this point by Bob Hoare. With the second half of the evening under way, we were enjoying the sight of more prints illuminated in the light box and listening to Peter's helpful comments.

    By the end, eight prints had been given eighteen marks or more, thus qualifying their photographers with certificates of merit. Of these, the following five received eighteen marks:

    HELLO by Richard Clarke-Adams

    ZEBRA CROSSING by David Richardson

    RINGS by Joan Taylor

    SALSIFY by Dave Johnson

    VULCAN by Graham Ainge

    Two were given nineteen marks as follows:

    A WET DAY AT THE TRACK and BLINK AND YOU MISS HIM both by Graham Ainge.

    Finally, giving a maximum score of twenty, Peter announced that the evening's winning print would be TEXTBOOK KICK by David M Moore LRPS.

    Club president David Nicholls rounded off the evening with a warm vote of thanks to Peter Rocchiccioli for his sound judging and insightful comments. Thanks were also expressed by the chairman to Margaret for supplying prints to the light box and thereby remaining on her feet throughout the evening, to Beryl and Bob for organising the raffle and to Joan and Dave for organising the refreshments during the interval.

    All in all, this had been a most enjoyable evening and confirmed the view of many that monochrome prints are still a very worthwhile pursuit.