• Summer Outdoor Photo Shoot

    Our destination for this summer's outdoor photo shoot on the 13th May were two interesting watery environments along the coast towards Portsmouth. This session attracted seven members who gathered initially at Langstone Harbour in bright, warm sunshine in the middle of the afternoon, and later during the early evening, on the waterfront at Emsworth.

    On arrival, we were greeted with a vast expanse of green sea bed supporting a few small boats left high and dry - all abandoned by the very low tide. Needless to say, this gave some interesting photo opportunities along with a number of attractive buildings in the background and two interesting structures to explore nearby – namely the road bridge to Hayling Island and the remains of the old railway bridge to the island. In addition to these man-made edifices, there were a number of interesting natural subjects to photograph including tree blossom, wild flowers and the copious quantities of bladderwrack growing around the base of the old bridge piers.

    Other wildlife around the area captured photographically included black headed gulls, ducks, an oyster catcher, a little egret and a rather aggressive swan that enjoyed biting the foot of one of our members! We also spotted and photographed some rather attractive inlets around the edge of the harbour, and as the tide rose, we enjoyed seeing colourful reflections on the water surface, sparkling in the bright sunshine with a distant backdrop of the Spinnaker Tower and Portsmouth skyline.

    Towards the end of the afternoon, we drove around to Emsworth to enjoy exploring the harbour seafront for photo opportunities. There were a variety of boats to be seen, some beautifully reflected in the still waters. Wildlife mostly consisted of black headed gulls although we did notice an eel partially stranded on the mud, but still alive. It was also interesting to see and photograph the flotsam and seaweed stranded in the inner harbour along with the footprints left by the visiting gulls.

    As the session drew to a close, we were intrigued to see a gathering of local volunteers hauling the local rescue boat out of the water and around to a local car park for repair work to be undertaken on its motor. As expected, our cameras focused upon this unexpected human drama ! Later that evening we headed back to Selsey, feeling very satisfied with our photographic expedition. A week later, on the 20th May, we met again at our usual venue to view and discuss selections of images from the shoot, enhanced and brought along by the seven participating members. As always, it was most interesting to see such a variety of shots, despite us all having visited the same places.