• The Annual M.S.W. Competition

    This long standing event is so named as it brings together Middleton, Selsey and the Witterings Camera Clubs once a year for an open PDI competition. As it was the turn of our Witterings friends to host this event on the 5th February, fourteen Selsey members made the journey to the venue - the Memorial Hall in Elms Lane, West Wittering.

    This competition was frequently won by Selsey back in the 1990s, but we haven't brought home the MSW trophy since 2004. Bearing that in mind, we had chosen our twenty digital images with the usual care, and were feeling reasonably hopeful of success at the start of the evening !

    Our judge for the evening was Glyn Edmunds ARPS, and the evening began with a brief showing of all sixty images, to provide Glyn and the assembled club members with a preview of the competition ahead. Each image was then projected separately to enable Glyn to sum up what he felt were the strengths and weaknesses of the picture and to give a mark out of twenty. In three cases, the marking was held back until the latter stages of the evening.

    A break for refreshments was called after the first thirty images had been judged. This provided an opportunity for us all to socialise and enjoy the splendid spread of refreshments laid on by the Witterings members.

    The second half proceeded with further constructive criticism and marks from Glyn, following which the images previously held back were also considered and marked. There then followed a few moments of bated breath while the Witterings laptop crunched out the final results, which were as follows: Middleton Camera Club 333 marks, Witterings Camera Club 330 marks and Selsey Camera Club 321 marks - an outcome enabling Middleton to retain the MSW Cup for the third consecutive year !

    Sadly we didn't win the competition on this occasion, rather accepting third place as we have done in recent years. However, more importantly, by the end of the evening we had all enjoyed the sight of sixty strong images and the pleasant company of other like-minded photographic enthusiasts.

    The evening concluded with a raffle followed by the three club chairmen expressing their grateful thanks to Glyn Edmunds for applying his photographic knowledge to each PDI and sharing it with us, to the Witterings members for their hospitality and providing the delicious half time refreshments, and to all the club photographers whose work had made this such an interesting and successful MSW event.