• Turner Trophy and Robert and Nikki Mole Shield

    Having nearly reached the end of the 2016/17 season, we met together on Monday 19th June for club members to vote for their favourite prints and digital images from among those gaining certificates of merit through the season's competitions.

    The evening began with eighty one digital images projected in turn, and the fourteen members present were invited to vote for any they liked by a simple show of hands. As a result, the following three images came in equal first place, having gained nine votes apiece:

    • MOUTHFULL by Dick Read

    • LOCH DUGHAILL by Steve Newman

    • CURVES OF CUMBRIA by Dave Johnson

    However, after a runoff with a further show of hands, Dave's delightful landscape view became the clear winner, making him the eventual recipient of the Nikki Mole Shield.

    Following the interval, members were invited to view the prints that had been brought in and vote for their favourite three. (Although fifty four prints were eligible, having gained certificates of merit through the season, only thirty seven had been brought to the meeting for judging). Five marks went to each 1st choice print, three marks to each 2nd choice and 1 mark to each 3rd choice print. After all the marks had been counted, the chairman announced the top three in descending order.

    • Tony Storey's print entitled "FOGGY FISHERMAN" came third with 11 marks

    • Dick Read's print entitled "THE BREITLING X FACTOR" came second with 13 marks

    • The winner, with17 marks, was Dave Johnson with his wildlife print entitled "WHITER SHADE OF PALE" - thus making Dave the recipient of the Turner Trophy.

    The evening concluded with a round of applause for the night's double winner, and we will certainly all look forward to seeing some equally exciting pictures in our annual exhibition between the 25th and 28th of August, and in club competitions throughout the following season.